The community center, located on Father Hurley Boulevard, is available to rent to Waters Landing homeowners in good standing.  

Please read through the application form, which covers the complete rules and regulations and fees associated with renting the community center.  The application form and the room rental fee are due in order to reserve the room.  The community center must be booked a minimum of thirty days in advance.

Amenities include approximately 11 tables which measure 30" x 60", 75 chairs, and a full working kitchen with refrigerator, oven, range, and microwave.  There are 48 marked parking spaces located on the premises.  Capacity limitations are 75 people.   

PLEASE NOTE:  The pool is NOT available to rent and is not included with renting the community center, NO EXCEPTIONS!   


To View & Tour the Community Center

Monday  10am to 2pm

Tuesday  10am to 2pm

Wednesday  10am to 2pm

Thursday  10am to 2pm

Friday  10am to 1pm

Please check in with Association staff upon arrival.

If an event is taking place, the community center may not be available for tour.